2022: The housing database made visible: An artist and activist-led investigation into relational machines, aspirations, and urban regeneration
Keene, Tom, 2022. PhD thesis. URL: Supervised by Dr Alex Wilkie and Dr Graham Harwood. Examined by professor Matthew Fuller and Associate Professor Andrew Goffey. Published under a CC BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license.

2021: The Shadow Database: Activism, Art, and Aspiration within Urban Regeneration
Keene, Tom. 2021. In: Re@ct: Social Change Art Technology, pp.112–126, special issue of Media-N, Vol. 17 No. 2 (2021): co-edited by Sarah Cook, Joseph DeLappe, and Laura Leuzzi. ISSN: 1942-017X. URL:

2019: Demolition Machines: Making and Thinking with Databases of Urban Regeneration
Keene, Tom. 2019. In: The Critical Makers Reader: (Un)learning Technology. Institute of Network Cultures, pp.196–205. [Book Section]. URL:

2016: The Peoples Plan
Cressingham Residents (inc. Variant Office; Gniewosz, Gerlinde; Keene, Tom; Parkes, Jo; Plant, Andy; Douglas, Pam), 2016. The Peoples Plan. URL:

2018: What you are told might not be the truth
Keene, Tom. 2018. In: Inspire 2 resist. pp.15–18. URL:

2016: Becoming Civic: Fracking, Air Pollution and Environmental Sensing Technologies
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2014: From Cloud to Cupboard
Presented at the 5th STS Italia Conference, “A Matter of Design: Making Society through Science and Technology”, held at the Politecnico di Milano 12-14 June 2014.

2013: Evil Media Distribution Centre
A contributor to a Collection of Texts exhibited at Transmediale Berlin 2013. “The Roomba Vacuum Cleaner” & “Shift Register: 7400 series”. URL:

2011: The Apple Barrier: An open source interface to the iPhone
Paper for EVA 2011 Voted ‘best presentation of the conference’. Keene, Tom. 2011. In: Dunn, S. with J. Bowen and K. Ng (eds.). EVA London 2011: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 6-8 July. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, 2011, pp 252-7. URL

2009: Aristotle’s Office: 9 Objects & an Interface
Keene, Tom. Paper for EVA (Electronic Visual Arts Conference), London 2009. Keene, Tom and Kyprianou, Kypros (2009). Aristotle’s Office. In: Seal, A. with S. Keene and J. Bowen (eds.). EVA London 2009: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 6-8 July 2009. BCS, 2009. pp. 285-7. URL

2010: People, Signs & Resistance: On The Front Line
Booklet & Publication for the ‘Sam The Wheels’ project, 2010. URL: