Critical Makers Reader - (un)learning technology

Demolition Machines: Making and thinking with databases of urban regeneration

Inspire to Resist

Contribution to a handbook for resisting estate regeneration and the social cleansing of our inner cities.

From cloud to cupboard

Speculative Computing and Cloud-Making in the Citizen Sense Project

Evil media distribution centre

Short texts about a gray media object ranging from tampons to software compilers.

Becoming Civic: Fracking, Air Pollution...

How effective are practices of citizen sensing in giving rise to new modes of environmental awareness and practice?

The Apple Barrier: An open source interface to the iPhone

The ongoing process, challenges and approach of integrating open source hardware with the iPhone.

People, Signs & Resistance: On The Front Line

The conservation and disemination of rare film footage of 1960s, 70s and 80s Brixton

Aristotle’s Office: 9 Objects & an Interface

Objects are increasingly drawn into networked behaviour where previously they were independent