People, Signs & Resistance: On The Front Line

Booklet [download (2.5mb)]

For the Sam The Wheels project, 2010. This unique project combines historic and contemporary documentary film, visual arts, collaborative web based technologies and grassroots community action. The purpose was to conserve and publish rare film footage of 1960s, 70s and 80s Brixton and to bring it alive in communities now, and create a space for people to interpret and reinterpret it in ways that are relevant to their challenges and experiences today.

In Brixton from the late 50s to the present day, Clovis Salmon aka ‘Sam the Wheels’ has captured accounts of everyday life, protest and people, offering a lens through which the struggles, sufferance and joys of those times can be seen with an authenticity uncontaminated by a media agenda. In sharing his historic footage, Sam has served as a living lens on those times, offering his own experience of arriving in London during the 1950s as the catalyst for a community arts and heritage collaboration that resonates with present day Brixtonians and beyond.