A joint initiative between the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton to explore how a technology-rich environment can support the creative process. An initial engagement to explore the creative potential of the space expanded to full redevelopment of the software control system and partial re-implementation of the hardware infrastructure, including audio, video, lighting and server systems.

I undertook full a software/hardware system audit and redesign. Tools used: C++(OpenFrameWorks), Java (Processing), PHP, MySQL, JQUERY, Apache, creative/technical support.

InQbate is a highly configurable multi-media space designed to give you control of all aspects of the environment. You can change the physical environment by moving walls, positioning curtains and arranging different types of seating. A web-based System Controller allows simple and flexible control of the installed technology. You can change the lighting by varying the levels of white (halogen) and switching the coloured (LED) lights throughout the space. You can project visual images (PC desktops, video, CCTV and still images) to any or all the 14 overhead projectors and 10 plasma screens. You can route audio from any PC or auxiliary input to any or all of the ceiling and wall-mounted speakers.