Thinking about regeneration processes - researching Haringay

I've recently started a project with and I'm just collecting notes that surround a potential theme "Regeneration". I'm leaning towards this theme because I am currently undergoing a regeneration process where I live, with the possibility that my house might be knocked down. In which case, I'm jotting down some VERY ROUGH notes as part of the process of organising my thoughts.

Looking for 8 people.

Do want:
- Local community.
- People this would support (career, socially, politically).
- New friends for Furtherfield.
- Young (not too young) people who are supported.
- Variety of cultures.
- People who wouldn't normally engage with this type of thing.

Don't want:
- A 'unified', same old faces group.
- All men.
- All women.

The general aims of the project are to spread creativity and empowering individuals and communities to embrace alternative modes of economic exchange for culture and knowledge that lie at the heart of FLOSS (Free, Libre And Open Source Software) concepts. New artistic and creative modes of production and diffusion. (political activism, social mediation or action, human, environmental, natural and applied sciences, urbanism, economy, ecology…).

- In what way is regeneration related to ecology?
uses of cultural policy and planning as tools of
urban regeneration in western European cities.
- Need a couple of texts as reference.
- We have a situation where "this is happening in london"

- Within Haringey council.
- Q: What 'feels' part of Haringey?

LimaZulu is an artist-run project space in North-East London, UK
(seem closely related to Furtherfield).

- Kurdish community center, Near Portland Gardens, North of the Map.
(IT, Folklaw, ESOL, Drama, Sports)

- Google search: "Regeneration site:".
- Google search: "Council repairs in Harringay".
* Homes For Haringey manages all repairs and major works.
* You can search for any major works in your area:
- Major works renovations and regenerations are being carried out in order to meet the decent homes standard:
* A technical standard for public housing.
* Aimed to provide a minimum standard of housing conditions for all those who are housed in the public sector - i.e. council housing and housing associations.

General notes:
- You have a technical document "decent homes standard" which specifies certain criteria are met.
- An ecosystem of technologies are employed to track this standard, where the mechanisms employed to record record data is used exert control over peoples lives
- What you feel is happening is just as real as an apparent material reality.


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