PHP write to file

One of those simple functions that I'm always using. It writes the given string to the end a file. If the file doesn't exist, then it creates it.

$err = write_to_end_of_file("some text", "A_file_name.txt");
if($err) print $err; // If there's been an error let us know
function write_to_end_of_file($str, $filename){
	if(!file_exists ($filename )){
		$fp = fopen($filename,"w"); 
		fwrite($fp, '');
	// Read & save old contents
	$old = file_get_contents($filename);
	// Open the file & write to it
	$fp = fopen($filename,"w"); 
	if(!$fp) return "Can't save string to file";
	else fwrite($fp, $old.$str); 
	chmod($filename, 0777); 
	// Alls fine so don't return an error
	return NULL;


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