Drupal 7 Block revisions

This snippet embeds a nodes content in a block & provides an edit link to that node, effectively creating a block with revision history. I've included a switch to display the edit link only when users are logged in as I use this snippet on sites that only allow administrators to login. You may want to change this so that the link is only displayed to specific roles.

  1. Create a node to contain your text & make a note of its ID.
  2. Copy the code below to a block and add the node ID you saved earlier.
  3. Make sure the "Contextual links" module is enabled.

Paste This code into a block:

$yourNodeID = 51;
print anthill_blockrevision($yourNodeID );

Paste this into a template.php file:

function anthill_blockrevision($nid=null){
	if(!$nid) return;
	$output = "";
	$dest = drupal_get_destination();
	$dest = $dest['destination'];
	// Add a quick edit link within contextual menus
	$editlink = '
		<div class="contextual-links-wrapper contextual-links-processed" style="left:5px;right:none;width:33px;">
		<a class="contextual-links-trigger" href="/node/'.$nid.'/edit?destination='.$dest.'" style="background:none;background:#ccc;color:#0074BD;padding:0px;text-indent:2px;">edit</a></div>';
        // Very crude switch to display the edit link when users are logged in
	global $user;
	if($user->uid) $output .= $editlink;
	// Load the node & return its content
	$thisnode = node_load($nid);
	$output .= $thisnode->body['und'][0]['safe_value'];
	return $output;


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