RFID workshop

Some VERY rough notes on a workshop lead by Tinker.it
Facebook... Alex Soho project - facebook test....
Detecting movement in a space.
What you are carrying.
Can get readers from the turkish guy for 9€ each (for 100+).
Faraday cage will prevent frequencies (different size).
Can take data off RFID tags.
Oyster card has more security than a passport.
Can record analog signal & play it back to copy a card.

Passive Tags
Passive tags can read at 10cm.
Range is dependent on many variables.
Work best when they are parallel to the reader i.e. crap at wrong angle.
Doesn't work well with metal even iron in concrete.
Can get hardcore fire resistant ones.
Injectable ones.

Active tags
Can get from Wavetrend. Embeded batteries can last 3 years. £25
AeroScout - Tags for location positioning €50
Trolly Scan people - tags for reader shopping trollys ww.trolleyscan.com $2000

Each visitor can get a different experience.
Tracking livestock.
Can build an object that pretends to be a tag (look on net for instructions).
Movement monitoring (use active tags).
Controlled access.
Time keeping/attendance (clocking in etc).
Showing content related to objects.
Map video to tags inc software (arphid mon-amour).
Embeded tags in a map, with movable reader in lens.
Readers on shelves - you know when a tag disapears.
Theft prediction.

Downward projection.
Static tags, moving reader & visa versa.
Fold RFID in aluminium foil.
Can build tag with a tiny 8 pin chip.

100-500khz (short to medium range - animal tracking)
10-15khz (short to medium range - ones we are using, access)
2.4-5.8ghz (long read range, toll collection for cars)


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