Collide, Follow, Set

Part of a series of events (HobNobs) held in InQbate, the experimental interactive media space positioned in Sussex university who I worked closely with during 2009-2010. These events were used as a testing ground for developing a series of interactive digital media installations, most of which have been written using OpenFrameworks. These experiments have informed the development of a new control system with the space to easily enable creative experimentation with the environment.

A collaboration with artist Fiona Geilinger, we created a reactive Kaleidoscopic video work, where after a 20 minute choreographed performance, the audience were free to play with the Kaleidoscopic effect.
Hobnob: KaliedacopeHobnob: KaliedacopeHobnob: Kaliedacope

FollowHobnob: Sparkles
This live video effect detects movement, overlaying directional lines on top of live video imagery.

SetHobnob: Sheep
A miniature film set positioned in the centre of the space invited manipulation by users, where layers of text, props and miniature construction were continual added to throughout the night and projected in huge scale surrounding the entire space.
Hobnob: Sheep XHTML 1.0 Strict CSS2 WAI