Collaborators & Friends

Kypros Kyprianou - Artist
Furtherfield - Media Arts organisation
Jon Hughes - Art Director / Magazine Design (Environmental specialist)
Rose Butler - Artist (Photography/Video)
Anna Dumitriu - Artist
Space media arts - Community digital Arts
SCAN - New media arts agency
IP - Community Arts
Electronicsunset - Artists Kyp & Simon
EVA Conferences - Electronic Information and the Visual Arts
Polka Dots On Rain Drops - Participatory video
Inqbate - Interactive lab of Sussex University

Technologies I like / use

Arch Linux - base Linux Distribution
Arduino - Physical computing
Processing - Visual programming tool
Pure Data - Real-time graphical programming
Super Collider - audio synthesis programming language
Drupal - Web development framework - Video blogging platform
TextMate - Text editor for programming
Transmit - FTP application - Online photoshop
Free Agent - Online freelance accounts, use this link to get 10% off

Blogs, Groups and Websites I like
Pasta&Vinegar - Social computing, ubiquitous computing, weird stuff...
We Make Money Not Art - Intersection of art, design and technology
Hackaday - Daily hardware hacks
Openlab - Meeting space for London based digital artists
Dorkbot - People doing strange things with electricity
Computer Arts Society
A list Apart - web dev blog