Aristotle’s Office: 9 Objects & an Interface

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In an increasingly wired and wireless world, objects are being embedded with communicating technologies, and are increasingly drawn into networked behaviour where previously they were independent. Objects are no longer passive receivers of one-sided instruction. The machines talk amongst themselves. Aristotle’s office “Nine Objects and an interface” presents talking office furniture in the form of a shaky plant, rustling bin, clicking phone, angle poise light and answer machine. Originally a Lighthouse, Brighton 2007 commission.


Keene, Tom; Kyprianou, Kypros (2009). Aristotle’s Office. In: Seal, A. with S. Keene and J. Bowen (eds.). EVA London 2009: Electronic Visualisation & the Arts. Proceedings of a conference held in London 6-8 July 2009. BCS, 2009. pp. 285-7.