Sign X Here

2011 Tom Keene and Kypros Kyprianou. A Stream Arts commission, East Greenwich, London.


Sign X Here continues conversations started in past Stream projects. We’ve been having a chat with local residents, businesses and organisations around East Greenwich who have shared their ideas to help devise a trail of signs reflecting the observations and experiences of urban regeneration in the area. Using quotes and inspiration from; past projects, conversations with previous participants, local residents, local businesses, youth radio station Fresh FM and local police. Activities include local walks with the local Community Police officers, chats over a cup of tea or a pint, group meetings, photographing making and placing signs. A final publication will bring together images of the signs installed with their location expanded by the thoughts and imaginations of participants, gathered during the life of the project.

Kyp & Paulas Walk (marked in pink) Josh is up for the walk - he’s getting out of bed, Dog shit alley, No one chills there (here) anymore, Getting motivated, Flavell Mews, Watch your step, Paula walking in the middle of the road, All the drivers stop, Its a dead end, The legendary lemon cage, GMVs too far (Josh peeled off), March frog day, Opposing sides (somewhere near the river), The two benches along river near west greenwich. 2 of them near each other, “that’s where you hang out.”, “we’re not stupid enough to hang out there. we hang out at the other one. look up trees. pidgeons. look down. we hang out at the other one”, Emilirs shop, Eltons, Payless (posso sign), Blind independence, Hair & the City (he’s done a mural in there before), You do a lot of walking in this job, Kids get out of the water then we tell them about the rats, You really know your own beat, Being able to help people in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, its about managing expectations.

Tom & Donnas Walk (marked in green) Over railway lines, report stolen motorbike, brick arch, dog shit is horrible, kids from rival estates, I worry about the vulnerable, its lovely getting to know people, community events are really good, we try and talk to as many people as possible, I hope this is helpful, theres a place I want to show you, get the elderly out and about, how do we make sure everybody can be involved, massive wasps nest in cornette sq, there’s been talk of street parties, youth sitting on walls, getting moved on, lots of hanging about, where else are they going to go, you can never please people, Evon at the hatclif, the amount o people you see running for a bus, benches are a focus - thats why they sometimes get removed, Buster the boxer dog is over there, if you look at that it makes your eyes go funny, bubbling on flamstead estate, I love it, sold the riverside dream, its all about playing statistics.